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I have contemplated this for a long time & when I picked up a copy of Lestat's The Queen of The Damned my contemplation was confirmed. There is no simple way the world can progress into more profound realms; it must struggle as it allways have to find a equillibrium in ethics not superstition. Akasha's death was inevitible.

She would have taken away all that hummainty has worked for, she would have thrown them back into primitive character, which would take another 6000 years to redo.

As I roam the streets of Paris & adore at the work mortal's have completed, I silently approve of their victory.
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omj i love that josh picture...i'm a josh fan Shhhh!
yea. He is so beautiful that He is the only one I can picture as Nicki. hehe.
who is Josh?