Nicolas de Lenfent (nicolas_sorrow) wrote,
Nicolas de Lenfent

Ladies and gentlemen i would like to introduce.....

When i was alone and desprate, i made my beloved Michelle out of despair into a Blood Drinker. So that no misunderstanding will occur as to her existence, allow me to explain.

She was a 18 year old primadonna, as worthy as the legendary Chritine Daae herself, traveling the world and seducing the audience with her sensual yet powerful voice. I remember when i first laid eyes on her, she was playing the part of Llia in Indomeneo. She was like a angel made mortal, and i was going to raise her up to the ranks of the eternal to which i felt she truly belonged. I would make her goddess talents molded into immortality. Her voice would be mine forever.

But we spent not two months together after I raped her and brought her into the Blood, and so she wanders. But she has finally made her way back to me.

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